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Rental Furniture and Equipment » Rental Additional Equipment

Usually basal standard constructions are insufficient, therefore we propose you standard additional equipment - shelf's, platforms, showcases, audio, video, domestic material, furniture and finding that are necessary for effective work in a stand during the exhibition. All additional equipment could be attached on principal stand. 

Show- case (No.1) Show- case (No.2) Show- case  (No.3) Corner show- case (No.4)
Table show- case(No.5) 

 Table show- case (No.6)

Shelves constr. (No.7) 

Corner shelf (No.8)


Inclined shelf for
buooklets (No.9)

Shelf (No.10)

Glass shelf (No.11)

Bar-tableboard (bend) (No.12)


 Sideboard (bend) (No.13)
Cupboard (No.14)
Bar table (No.15)
Cupboard - bar (No.16)
Cupboard - bar (No.17)
Platform (No.18)
Platform (No.19)
Platform (No.20)
Platform (No.21)
Platform (No.22)
Platform (No.23)
Tringular platform
Panel with glass (No.25)

Panel (No.26) 

Panel (No.27) 
Door (adjustable) (No.28)




Bascule door (No.29) 

Table (No.31) 

Chair (No.33) 

Wadrobe supension (No.40) 

 Wadrobe supension/
Holder (No.41)

Hoolder for
 booklets (No.42)

Hoolder for
 booklets  (No.43) 

Hook (No.64) 

 Spotlight (No.44)
 Spotlight (No.45) 

spotlight  (No.46) 

Metal halogen
spotlight (No.47) 
Wire netting+
10 hooks (No.66)
Logo on frieze (No.71)


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