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Our website uses cookies. Let us explain how they operate and how you can remove them.


Cookies are small information files that allow websites to store the user’s patterns of using the website. Cookies are normally recorded onto the user’s device in order to adapt the contents to the user’s needs and preferences after he (she) returns to the website.


Our cookies do not contain any personal user data nor are they used for identification purposes. The information collected using cookies serves us as part of our analysis of the website usage statistics.


All the information about the cookies used by our site, their expiration times and intended purposes is provided in the table below.


Cookie name

Creation moment

Expiration time

Usage description






When opening a website page

2 years

30 minutes

Until closing

1 year

6 months

These Google Analytics cookies are used to collect statistical information on website traffic. The data obtained are used to generate reports and improve the page. IP addresses and unique ID numbers are used for accounting.


Although standard browser settings allow the user to accept cookies, he (she) can configure his (her) browser so that cookies are not accepted. However, after changing the settings, some parts of the website may not work properly or not work at all. To disable cookies, mobile device users should follow device settings.


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